Pergolas and patio covers are typically associated with dining or lounge areas. But that’s not always the case. The shade will always find a use, whether it be for car ports or entryway covers. One’s imagination only limits a pergola’s use!

Versatile and Practical

When people think of pergolas, they automatically think of extra space for your dining area. But pergolas are way more versatile than you think.

UV rays are damaging to all kinds of things. Cars, people, even concrete, this is how pergolas come in handy—protection from UV.

Car Ports

Cars have become a modern necessity, and the last thing a person would want to happen is for his car to break down suddenly. Anyone would like to keep their vehicle in good condition as long as possible. That’s where pergolas come in.

Pergolas can make great car ports. You can keep your car under a pergola and rest easy that it will be in good condition. If you’re in the colder parts of America, a solid roof pergola could protect your car from hails or even the weight of snow buildup.

Why choose a pergola over garages? It’s stylish, way more affordable, and much quicker to put up.

Entryway Covers

A house front says a lot about its owner, so make a statement using a pergola as an entryway cover. Entryways are a great way to set the mood before guests enter your home. Pergolas provide you with the options to go for a clean look or more of a cabin vibe.

If you want to up your game, you could get some flowering vines to grow on your entryway pergola. One thing is for sure: nothing spruces up your front porch like a pergola.

Patio Covers

Patio covers are the most popular use of pergolas. With added shade, you can turn your backyard into a lounge area. Studies show that being outdoors is great for mental health. Humans typically love the outdoors. It’s even been proven to help with depression. Who knew having an outdoor space could do something that important?

Break Areas

When owning a business, break time is extremely crucial to employee sanity. Having a break area covered by a pergola shows your employees that you care about them. Since pergolas are pretty, shady, and breezy, it gives employees a great place to hang out and mingle.

As an employer, you need employees working at 100%. Providing a break area that looks good and is outdoors provides a significant boost to morale. The advantages of having a comfortable break area include an increase in productivity, mood, and creativity. Make your employees more effective and happy with a beautiful break area.

Pool Shade

Pools are best used for cooling off during hot summer days. That’s why, when it’s a bit too hot, it can be disappointing to jump into a warm pool. Using pergolas for pool covers keeps your pool water cool even in the summer heat. Not only that, it looks fantastic!

Pergolas are incredibly versatile, and with the varying weather conditions of Savannah, GA, your pergola can function year-round!