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Everyone loves the outdoors, and nothing beats fresh air and sunshine. We at Savannah Pergola company aim to make your outdoors area more accessible and comfortable. Our many different shading options are sure to leave you satisfied.

Our company offers tons of customization options. Mix and match to make your very own outdoor shading area styled to your tastes!


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Keep Your Cool with Savannah Pergola Company

  • Pergolas: never compromise between shade, breeze or style when you can get it all with our pergolas.
  • Patio Covers: hang out outside, rain or shine. Our patio covers offer full protection from all kinds of weather.
  • Awnings: keep sunlight where it belongs, outside. Beat the heat with our stylish awnings!

The Shade That Is Unique To You

Savannah is dubbed as the South’s Best Small Town. Life here is slow, relaxed and friendly. There’s a reason why many people love to retire here. This city has beautiful beaches and an easygoing atmosphere, and it only makes sense to take full advantage of all of that by being outside.

Our sales representatives provide samples and advice for adding shade to your exterior. Protect yourself from the sun with either our pergolas, awnings, or patio covers. Know that there’s plenty of customization options allows you to complement your house with these external features.

Colors like desert sand, beige, wheat, and adobe, can accent your home fabulously. We have many different column styles as well like roman, acadian and empire. You can even match your architecture with the proper columns.

Different styles, different colors, even desired amount of shade. Make your pergolas like none other with loads of design options.

For years, we’ve aimed to provide a comfortable outdoor lifestyle for our customers. You can take comfort in the fact that we always get the job done right, and once we’re done with your project, you can rest assured under your relaxing shade that you’ve spent your money well.

What Makes Pergolas Special

We treat pergolas as if they were an art installation. They may function as a shade, but they’re much more than that. A pergola can work as an accent to a house. They can really tie the whole look together, making your home feel more complete.

Pergolas add a whole new dimension to your external space. With a slated roof, pergolas maintain good airflow too. Shade and airflow help make your outside lounge area cool and relaxing.

Make your pergola almost like a living thing by cultivating plants on it. Many vine plants work great for pergolas, and you should choose the slated design if you have the time to place plants that can latch and thrive on your pergola. Having plants around really cools the surrounding area.

You can even change the distance between slates, getting your desired amount of shade specifically.

Pergolas are affordable. We make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Pergolas don’t need much in terms of building material. This makes installation quick and inexpensive.

Why Patio Covers Are Awesome Too

With all that being said about pergolas, why would you even need a patio cover? Full functionality, that’s why.

As awesome as pergolas are, nothing can protect your outside objects like a patio cover can. Savannah has its rainy days, around 100 days in fact, so the option to completely cover something like a grill is invaluable.

Having a patio cover allows the use of cushioned furniture, too. With the option to install ceiling fans and lights, good airflow is assured. Other electronics can be installed as well: televisions, speakers, and flat-top grills, you name it. Patio covers give you a wealth of options.

These covers also allow residents to hang out outside, even as it rains. Never miss a chance to get a breath of fresh air with a good patio cover. Even though pergola is in our name, we’re a great patio cover company, too!

Keep Your Indoors Cool with some Awnings

Air conditioning can be extremely expensive. By having awnings, you’re able to keep sunlight out of your home. Awnings can cover all manners of things, back doors, windows, and glass doors. And sometimes, even cover a whole outdoors seating area.

When sunlight enters through windows or glass, heat gets trapped indoors. Almost like a greenhouse. In turn, you turn your air conditioning on to keep cool. With awnings, you’re able to block out most of the sun from entering your house. We are the best awning company around and would love to spruce your home up.

Awnings also add depth to your exterior. Awnings can accessorize your house, accentuating colors, and giving your house a sleek look. Gain style, and save money with our world-class awnings!

Throw Cool Parties… Literally!

Savannah, GA is full of friendly, sociable people. Parties are amazing ways of meeting new people, and bonding with friends. Parties can feel crowded, and extra people means indoors could get stuffy.

Barbecues, pool parties, maybe just a dinner party. Everyone loves the open space that the outside provides.

With our outdoor shades, you open up a whole new space for guests to mingle, and get fresh air. And with our dedication to style, your outdoor area is sure to be a conversation piece as well! Mixed with some outdoor landscaping, your open space is sure to provide relaxation for guests.

Never let your guests feel like sardines again! Increase your guests’ options and space with our beautiful outdoor coverings

World Class Materials

We believe that the materials you build with are absolutely crucial to a good product. That’s why we use aluminum. It’s an aluminum substitute for wood, and it looks almost exactly like it! It’s easy to maintain, never warps, and is termite resistant.

Aluminum really is a miracle material that we use on all of our products. Its resistance to the elements is unmatched. And versus most other materials, it’s surprisingly affordable.

We opted to use aluminum for all of our constructs for long-lasting beauty and functionality. Good quality materials are the backbone of any construction. And with great craftsmanship, we are happy to say our service is world-class!

Experienced And Eager

Our many years of pergola, and patio covering experience is completely at your disposal. Our staff, from our designers, to our installation experts are all eager to beautify your home. We love making our customers know they made the right decision.

Though DIY pergolas and patio covers do exist, the materials are cheap, flimsy, and wear quickly and easily. Proper installation is required to keep a pergola as durable and safe as possible. We’re experienced in the installation and production of high quality materials. Our customers get nothing but the strongest, scientifically proven materials. And the best installation around.

We’ve done thousands of installations all over Savannah, GA. If you’re in the market for pergolas, awnings, or patio covers, we’re happy to serve you!

Turn your outside area into, not only a place of relaxation, but an art piece as well.

No Fuss, We Come To You

Don’t want the hassle of going back and forth? No problem! Our patio shade designers come straight to you. Weigh your options all from the comfort of your home.

When you request a free bid, one of our designers will come over with physical samples of what we have to offer. They walk you through the whole process, making sure your shade goes perfectly with your house.

Mix and match styles, colors, and even column styles. Our designers want your house to look good as much as you do.

Once you’ve finished consultation, you can be confident your outdoor area will be looking good in no time. Your pergola, patio cover, or awning can be done in just 4-8 weeks.

Help Us Help You

We’d love to help you by making your dream home even dreamier!

You deserve the best, and with something as permanent as shade coverings, it should be the best. We’re prepared to build your shades always, and we do it quickly too.

We understand that building something like this is quite the commitment. If you’re still not quite sure, give us a call! We’ll make sure you know exactly what it is you’re buying so you can be 100% sure. Reach us at 912-348-8105 and we’d be glad to answer all your inquiries.

The best way to know for sure is to have one of our people come straight to you. You can review colors, styles, and even get a feel for our materials. Don’t rush, we’ll walk you through the process, start to finish.

Our services are available anywhere within Savannah, GA. If you’re outside savannah, don’t be afraid to call us, we may just be able to serve you.

Savannah is a beautiful beachfront town and has around 200 days of sunshine a year. Make the most of your backyard with our many patio shading options. Our awnings, pergolas, and patio coverings are sure to give you that beachy feel.

So what are you waiting for? Request a bid now, it’s completely free!