Colors are the defining factor for almost all home designs. Any material can pop, blend, and enhance a design when the best color combination is used. With our selection of natural pergola colors, you’ll have loads of options.

Our Pergola and Patio Cover Colors

Desert Sand

In the pursuit of natural-looking aluminum, our different colors are the final step in that goal. This applies to both our pergola and patio cover colors. We texturize our aluminum to achieve a natural look.

By adding graining, darker spots, and blemishes, we’re able to get closer to the look of wood. That being said, our selection of textured colors is sure to have you finding the perfect match for your home.

Our selection includes:

  • White: it has always been a popular color of ours. Its neutrality allows it to match with almost anything. With its raw aesthetic, some may consider it boring. But for others, the clean look of white is excellent for making your backyard feel lighter.
  • Desert Sand: a very light brown color. Desert sand is still pretty light, but its light yellowish color makes it more specific to individual designs. Desert sand’s wood texture has long, thin, less defined lines. It gives off the look of a lighter wood like birch. Desert sand is almost as easy to pull off as white. But in certain situations, it can be your best option
  • Latte: one of our darker colors. Latte’s great for light-colored houses that need that dark accent. Latte’s graining is thicker and very defined. It’s bold, looks great, but unfortunately, it is one of our less natural-looking colors.
  • Spanish Brown: our darkest color. Spanish Brown may be the hardest among our color selection to pull off. With its full, rich color, it gives off a sense of luxury. Spanish brown has a look and texture very similar to that of dark oak. As lovely as it looks, it’s particular to specific housing designs.
  • Mojave Tan: another one of our lighter options. Mojave Tan’s short, thin grains and it’s color has that pickled oak feel. Due to its light color, it’s not too hard to match with most homes. The unfortunate reality is that it’s a safe color.
  • Senora Beige: the lightest color next only to white. Senora beige’s graining is very long and thin. If you’re trying to decide between getting white or getting something more natural, Senora beige receives both.

Coloring Aluminum Awnings

When it comes to our awning covers colors, we go for more traditional shades. Awnings, in history, have typically had bright colors like red, blue, and green. Awnings were usually made of fabric and were used for storefronts. These stores used bright colors to grab customers’ attention. With our awnings, our colors are simple and untextured. Our Awning Colors include:

  • Ivory
  • Tile Red
  • Coco Brown
  • Apple Green
  • Forest Green
  • Grey
  • White
  • Royal Blue
  • Wedgewood Blue
  • Beige
  • Desert Sand

Our aluminum colors are never painted on. To keep our products looking newer for longer, we use a specific process. Integral anodizing allows us to color the oxide wall of our aluminum. Its flush never fades or chips and looks fantastic!

We believe that you have a say in the aesthetic decision for your house. With our numerous colors and textures, you have the freedom to do just that!