People love customization. There’s something about having something that feels unique to you. With our pergola styles, you’ll have the versatility you want!

Custom and Personal Pergolas

Pergolas are meant to bring you closer to the outdoors, but some people have different preferences when it comes to the outdoors, though. Some like a little shade while others don’t even want to see the sun.

Our pergolas come in two types: slated and solid. One is not better than the other, and it all boils down to personal preference. Make your pergola exactly how you want it with our pergola styles.

Laguna Lattice (Slatted)

pergola styles slated and solid

Laguna lattice has to be the more popular of the two. Its openness helps you get into that natural feel. Slatted pergolas come in different types—each with their unique benefits.

Differences between these types all depend on the distance of slats. Some provide more shade, others, less. Note that the lengths stated are pointing to space in between slats.

  • 2 Inch Spacing – This option has the most shade, blocking out 60% of the sun
  • 4 Inch Spacing – Blocks out 50% of total sunlight.
  • 6 Inch Spacing – Blocks out just 40% of full sunlight.

Slatted pergolas are great for people who love some nice breeze circulating around. With its partially opened roofing, air moves freely beneath the slats., which makes slatted pergolas an excellent choice if you tend to relax outside during autumn months.

How can you bring your slatted pergola to the next level? Adorning your pergola with some plants. The Laguna Lattice is perfect for growing vine plants. With its slatted roofing, vines have plenty of things to cling onto. As your vine grows, so does your amount of shade.

If that’s the case, why not go for a solid pergola cover? Well, plants keep surrounding areas much cooler. When plants receive a lot of sunlight, they release water vapor cooling the surrounding area like a natural aircon. Not to mention they make pergolas pop.

Newport (Solid)

pergola styles solid newport

Solid pergolas are completely roofed and keep you protected from all the elements. Unfortunately, a aluminum roof comes with a price: reduced airflow. That being said, it has its own strengths, which you may prefer..

With a completely covered roof, rain isn’t a problem. You can hang out under the safety of your roof while enjoying the cold weather. Another advantage of rain protection is you can use electronics outdoors.

You can install ceiling fans if you want some airflow to cool you down. No matter the weather, you can relax with some gentle breeze enveloping you. You can also install televisions and your stereo components in it if you want.

Some people love to eat and cook outside. A solid pergola allows you to do both of that without worrying about the weather. It will also keep your cookware and appliances safe from water and heat from the sun.

Finally, no water means you can use cushions outside. Nothing beats the comfort of a couch. But a sofa outside, with your TV? Why spend another minute inside?