Before deciding on adding such a large feature to your house’s exterior, it’s normal to have questions. Here we’ve compiled the most frequently asked pergola questions we get, along with their answers.

Pergolas prices change with different styles, sizes, and the time it takes to put up. But to answer the question, yes. Pergolas are affordable.

You open up your outdoor area to be more lounge-like. Just being outdoors is enough to lower anxiety and improve moods in humans. Your home will also feel a lot bigger with an outside seating area.

We chose aluminum as our building material of choice for a bunch of reasons. It’s durable, colorable, texturable, and it’s relatively affordable.

Yes, you have the choice between square, rectangular, and custom. Custom pergolas are typically connected to the side of your house and can even wrap around it.

Many factors need to be considered when considering build time—things like weather, color availability, and size. But, on average, our pergolas can get installed in 4–8 weeks.

All of our materials are built in the U.S. We take pride in allowing our customers to buy American.

In some cities or HOA’s possibly, but we will take care of the paperwork for you. We aim to make the building of your pergola as stress-free as possible.

We typically have two people working on each of our projects. Our team is very experienced and will have your pergola up in no time!

166 W Tahoe Drive, Savannah, GA.

*Please note that this is not a office location. We offer ON-SITE estimates only.

Almost anywhere in your backyard. Pergolas are typically placed directly outside of dining areas. Other popular spots include next to pools or even over pathways.

Building pergolas is no easy task. If you’re not familiar with the process, you may hurt yourself or break part of your house. But of course, you can build one yourself—be sure to get a helper.

After ironing out the details and confirming your project,  we typically get started around 2-4 weeks.

We are based in and serve the whole of Savannah, GA.

We also cover all the major neighboring cities.

Our aluminum does not use paint. Instead, it goes through a complicated process. This process embeds the color directly into the aluminum, creating a protective barrier in the process.

No, we don’t. After giving us a call or requesting a bid, one of our designers comes over. Our designers carry catalogs and physical samples of different colors. This way, you can see what style or color truly matches your house.

You can request a free bid here. Or you can call us at 912-348-8105.