Aluminum: The Best Material For Pergolas, Patios, Awnings & Carports

The pergola material you use has an impact on whether or not it lasts long. After years of building pergolas, we can safely say that aluminum works best as a building material. It’s cost-effective, durable, and long-lasting. We even use it for our awnings and patio covers.

Why Aluminum?

Wood is vulnerable to termites and heat. It requires maintenance and eventually needs replacement. After years of installing various patio covers, pergolas, and awnings, aluminum presented the best results.

Savannah, GA, is sunny for most of the year. Aluminum has excellent resistance against UV rays and lasts long. Aluminum has resistance against corrosion, meaning that wear and tear isn’t a problem in the long run.

Aluminum is known for being lightweight but very strong. The reduced weight makes installation much quicker than when dealing with heavier materials.

We did say that aluminum doesn’t corrode, but now this material still reacts to oxygen and water as steel or iron does. When aluminum reacts with oxygen, a thin layer of non-reactive oxide protects the rest of the aluminum. It never rusts, and high-grade aluminum can last almost 100 years.

Aluminum Pergolas

People think of wood when talking about pergolas. It’s understandable since it’s been the primary material used to build it for centuries. Unfortunately, it’s time to shift to a different material because wood can rot, catch fire, or get infested with termites.

Of course, we’re not saying that aluminum pergolas are better looking than wooden pergolas. Wood still wins in terms of aesthetics, and that’s why we style our aluminum to look and even feel like wood. Our aim is for our pergolas to be almost indistinguishable from the real thing, and we believe that we always hit that mark.

Paint sticks well to aluminum. If appropriately prepared, fading won’t be a problem for a long time. We choose natural colors that will blend with the nature of your backyard perfectly. With our high-quality coatings, chipping won’t happen unless you try.

Aluminum Patio Covers

Aluminum patio covers ticks all the boxes. With our speicial coating procedure, it’ll never need repainting. Aluminum isn’t affected by winter, humidity, or water. Aluminum’s an all year-round material.

A good patio cover offers a lot of extra lounge space for friends and family. With protection against rain, it’s possible to have things like TVs and fans outside!

Aluminum Awnings

Awnings are a great, quick, and affordable solution to shading. Traditionally, awnings are made from textile material with a metal frame. Awnings like this are notorious for ripping or getting blown off in high wind areas.

Awnings provide ample shade for windows, doors, and even whole patios. Areas that receive cover from awnings can be up to 20% cooler. As with our other products, our aluminum awnings are no joke. By choosing aluminum, longevity is never a concern. Aluminum is easy to maintain and lasts incredibly long.

We at Savannah Pergola Company genuinely believe in our aluminum. For any kind of shading, aluminum is your best bet. Strong, resistant to UV and water, and customizable like no other. We’re sure that you’d be satisfied with our choice of material as well!