A Nice Shade And A Dry Place To Sit And Relax

Awning company in Savannah, GA

Enjoy your concrete patio porch or deck with aluminum awnings from your local awning company in Savannah, GA! Keep the rain and snow from entering your property by placing it over your doors and windows. When you need to cover your outdoors, look no more than Savannah Pergola!

Basics Of Aluminum Awnings

You have a lot of options when it comes to awnings, but it’s best that you settle for aluminum ones. Opaque materials like aluminum provide 100% shade and protection. They are also available in several colors and styles.

Aluminum awnings are easy to assemble and install, thanks to their simple design. We can help you mount awnings on vertical or horizontal exterior surfaces. It’ll only take us a few hours to install your awning that will provide you shade for years to come.

Benefits Of Aluminum Awnings

These are the benefits of using aluminum awnings for your property or your business:

  • Cost-effective: awning cloth models might be cheaper compared to aluminum ones, but aluminum awnings provide more value. It doesn’t require maintenance because it doesn’t corrode and rot, which will save you money in the long run. Once your aluminum awning is installed, it’s going to be there forever until you decide to replace it.
  • Durability: Even if having a foldable design, an aluminum awning can withstand pounds of solid precipitation such as hail or sleet. It can even withstand hurricane-strength winds. As long as your awning is properly installed and anchored, you can rest easy that it will stay there.
  • Permits retractable design: Unlike wood, aluminum can achieve a retractable assembly. Compared to cloth awnings, you don’t compensate for strength when using aluminum for flexible models.
  • Works all year round: Aluminum awnings work all year round. It can provide shade for sunny summers, withstand a pile of leaves during fall, and hold snow during winter.
  • Long-lasting: It’s general knowledge that aluminum parts are easy to clean and maintain. You can wipe it gently with cloth or you can just blast it with your garden hose.

Aluminum Awning Colors From Savannah Pergola

Savannah Pergola offers traditional and colored shades to our awning covers. Untextured designs match modern appearances for residential or commercial properties. We value your aesthetic decisions, so look at these color names for your samples:


  • Grey
  • White
  • Beige
  • Ivory


  • Desert sand
  • Tile red
  • Royal blue
  • Wedgewood blue
  • Coco brown
  • Apple green
  • Forest green

We also don’t use paint or aluminum colors but to use integral anodizing instead. This method colors the aluminum oxide wall, so it never fades or chips, keeping your awning looking fantastic.

Have Us Install Your Aluminum Awnings

Have our experts view your property to suggest your ideas about the awning you want to install. We also value your customization preferences, so feel free to tell us what feels unique to you. We will provide you the stylish and high-quality aluminum awnings in no time!