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What Is A Pergola?

Have you ever wanted to increase your living space without having to build some new expensive room? Pergolas provide more living space at affordable prices. And, being located outside makes it a great place to relax! But what is a pergola exactly?

Pergolas are Unique

Pergolas are structures usually located in the backyard. They provide shade using a unique slatted design. Pergolas can be completely roofed, but the slatted variety is much more common.

Pergolas are unique in design. Everyone loves when something is customized, especially for them. Having a pergola offers you that opportunity. With all kinds of colors and styles, you can make a pergola your own, whether it be column styles, slat spacing, or shape. You’re sure to end up with something that’s one of a kind!

Increase Party Space

Are you a fan of having people over? Then pergolas are perfect for you.

Barbecues, dinner parties, and pool parties, pergolas, are perfect for all types of celebrations. Parties can get tiring, with so many people crammed into one house. With a pergola, even the smallest of houses can increase their party space by a lot!

Pergolas are great conversation pieces too. Add a whole new area for your friends to chat and hang out with a lovely pergola!

Outdoor Leisure

Most Americans prefer to lounge outdoors. Why? Because of the cool breezes and peace that comes with the outdoors.

For people who enjoy cooking, a solid roof pergola can be great for an outdoor kitchen. With free-flowing air, your cooking space can stay cool. You won’t even need to worry about a range hood!

You can get a pergola with a solid roof. This allows the use of electronics even in your outdoor area. And with the ability to keep the rain out, cushions are an excellent option for solid roof pergolas too.

Have Plants Cool You Off

Plants make great shade for your pergola. As they grow on the roof of a pergola, they’re able to block out more of the sun’s rays. In addition to that, plants are great for keeping places cool. When the sun is intense, water evaporates from plants, causing its surrounding area to be much cooler.

Plants can make your pergola feel alive and even more special.

Pergolas provide loads of benefits for homeowners. Whether it be more space for relaxation or a great conversation starter with friends, and one thing is for sure; you can’t go wrong with a pergola. Get your own now by requesting a free bid here! Or call us at 912-348-8105 and get a free consultation today!