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5 Benefits of Having a Pergola Installed

People often complain that they can’t spend as much time outdoors as they used to. That’s because it’s hard to have a good time outside when the sun gets intense. The solution? Pergolas. Here are five of the many pergola benefits gained by their installation.

Pergolas Encourage Outdoor Activity

Pergolas are great for providing shade outdoors. This encourages kids and adults alike to spend more time outdoors. It has been scientifically proven that time spent outdoors does wonders for a person’s mental health.

Pergolas increase living space by enabling the use of your backyard more. And with solid roof pergolas, you could create your outdoor living room. With protection against rain, solid roofed pergolas allow televisions, speakers, and even different cooking equipment.

Pergolas Are Surprisingly Affordable And Durable

Most pergolas are made from aluminum, which is relatively inexpensive. Since most aluminum pergolas are prefabricated, it’s made even cheaper.

By using aluminum, your pergola could last almost a lifetime. Aluminum is resistant to all kinds of weather damage like rain, wind, and UV rays. Aluminum is rarely painted on. Instead, a complicated procedure is performed to create a protective, colored layer.

Get great value with long-lasting aluminum pergolas!

Pergolas Are One Of A Kind

With the many customization options provided by pergola manufacturers, you can have the perfect pergola for you. You can match colors to your home quickly with the many color options. You can even pick different styles to match the architecture of your home.

With hundreds of combinations, you can mix and match to create a pergola unique only to you.

Increase Your Party Area With A Pergola

Pergolas make your backyard more inviting. By providing shade, shelter, and even a bit of art, your guests are sure to put it to good use.

Parties can get pretty crowded, but with a pergola, you increase the space guests can use. Your friends and family can hang out outside if they choose to.

Pergolas are also great conversation pieces. With its presence, you will surely get asked by your friends on how it increases the space, how beautiful it is, and how much it costs you.

Pergolas Make Beautiful Garden Spaces

If you love cultivating plants, you’ll love pergolas. With the right amount of shade and sunlight, pergolas are great for gardening. Functionality aside, pergolas have such a great look that pairs well with the garden aesthetic. A pergola could make your pergola picturesque!

Vines have no trouble using your pergola as a means to grow. Some vines could even bear fruit. Imagine using your pergola for fruit harvesting. If you have the patience and time, you might want to grow some grapes! How awesome is that?

Pergolas present an affordable way to increase space and quality of living dramatically. So why wait? Request a free bid now, and a representative will drop by with samples and catalogs to help you pick out your dream pergola. Request a free quote here or call us at 912-348-8105 now!